Revealed: Why do women like feminine men?

A group of British scientists discovered why modern women adore feminine men.

What has the research about feminine men revealed?

The researchers at the University of London have conducted a research among 4500 women from 30 different countries and they reached a conclusion that women prefer feminine men. They found a direct link between the quality of medical care and the choice of men. Women from countries with better health care are more likely to choose feminine men and vice versa. In Sweden, where the health care is on a very high level, most women (68 percent) choose feminine men as their partners. Brazil has a very low level of health care and therefore most women (55 percent) tend to choose masculine men. The research showed that better health care means lesser chance for masculine men to get women.

The scientists also established that women who attended all girls` schools are much more attracted to feminine men. Pupils from all boys` schools are not affected in the same way, but the research showed that they prefer to be friends with men who have more distinctive face features.

Why do women prefer feminine men?

Throughout the history men with distinctive face features were more popular – a pointed chin, lowered eyebrows and thin lips. These were the signs of superior genes which assured a strong and healthy offspring. But the choice also brought some disadvantages – if a man was more masculine there was a higher possibility that he would not help to raise the offspring. The scientists believe that fast development of health care in wealthy Western countries enabled women to stop worrying about healthy offspring and that`s the reason women nowadays prefer more feminine men.

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