RiRi says she doesn’t need a man to be happy

New York: Rihanna has said that she is happy being single, and doesn’t need a man to find joy in her life.

The Barbadian singer made the revelation in an interview with More! Magazine.

“Being in love is definitely a big part of happiness, but you have to find joy on your own first,” the New York Daily News quoted her as telling the publication.

“You can’t wait for a man to make you happy,” she said.

Rihanna was most recently linked to Demi Moore’s ex Ashton Kutcher after the two were spotted at his home after-hours, though she has laughed off the rumours and even slammed a reporter who asked about the alleged relationship.

“I am happy and I’m single, if that is what you are asking,” she said.

The main point, she expressed in her interview, is that a man is not necessary for a fulfilled life.

“If a man is the one thing missing from your life, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be unhappy. There’s so much else.

“I think people focus on love a lot. Often when you’re looking, that’s exactly when you don’t find it,” she added.


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