Rob Kardashian claims Rita Ora let him get her pregnant in latest twitter rant

Melbourne: Rob Kardashian has continued his Twitter attack on ex-girlfriend Rita Ora, claiming he got her pregnant while they were together.

The reality TV star launched an angry attack against Rita on his Twitter page this week after it was announced they had split, claiming that the singer cheated on him with "20 dudes".

The 25-year-old ramped his rant up a notch on Wednesday morning, tweeting a shocking message to Rita`s official account, reported.

"So you let me get you pregnant and you let others hit raw?" he fumed.

The 22-year-old Brit maintained her silence originally but eventually blasted back, saying: "Rob`s d**k was wack, I had to go get it somewhere else."

All posts have since been deleted from the social networking site.

The younger brother of Kim Kardashian has since back-peddled, claiming that he never once mentioned Ora by name - despite the fact that the shocking pregnant tweet included her hash tag.

"Just so we clear I never once mentioned `Rita Ora` in any of my tweets or even used the word ``whore`` and I never would. I Respect Women", he tweeted.