Robert Pattinson once dated Spanish stalker

London: Twilight star Robert Pattinson has confessed that he once dated a Spanish girl who had been stalking him for weeks.

The 24-year-old Hollywood heartthrob admitted he gave in to her advances after she kept following him.

"She was more of a stalker than a fan. For a while I was kind of freaked out by her, but then I was in Spain shooting this movie and I didn``t know anyone there," the Daily Star quoted Pattinson as telling GMTV.

"She could speak quite good English and she was waiting outside my apartment every day, and eventually I was like: ``Do you want to do something? Because I`m sick of seeing you stare into my window all the time," he added.

Grilled about whether he would like to date a fan again, Robert laughed: "Definitely! I always want to go out with fans, they are the best types, got good taste."



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