Robert Pattinsons’s love woes likened to that of Charles and Diana

New York: Robert Pattinson found himself squirming in his seat during an interview, when the host likened his romantic woes to the famously troubled relationship between England’s Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

However, the interviewer met with boos from the star’s large female audience after his distasteful pun on the Brit heartthrob fell flat.

"So if you and Kristen have trouble it`s like Charles and Di having trouble?" the host asked Pattinson as he appeared on ‘TimesTalks’ on Wednesday night.

But the audience, both in studio and online, didn’t seem to be really happy about the enquiry hit out at the interviewer, the New York Daily News reported.

“Next question,” someone shouted from the stands.

“Come on,” another said.

Meanwhile the online vitriol was a bit more direct.

“What a flipping idiot,” a user named Elaine Turner chimed in on the live stream.

“I was hoping that this was one guy that would have enough respect for Rob not to go there. Disappointed,” viewer Launi Pettersson lamented.

And while on one hand the 26-year-old’s were left outraged, even Pattinson seemed unprepared.

"Well, uh, Charles,” the star managed to say, but the host soon moved the conversation forward, stating, “I wasn’t really going there, just so you know.”

“No, I wouldn’t go that far,” Pattinson answered.

“Things fall apart when they’re supposed to fall apart,” Pattinson finally said.