Rolling Stone’s Ronnie Wood ditches Ana, dating ex-lover Kat

London: Rolling Stone’s guitarist Ronnie Wood has reportedly ditched his current lover Ana Araujo and returned back to his Russian ex-girlfriend, 22-year old Katia Ivanova.

When Brazilian polo coach Araujo, 31, heard of the news that the romance between Wood and Ivanova has rekindled, she went bananas.

"Ronnie`s love life is never simple. Ana had been really good for him and settled him right down. They have lived in each other`s pockets for over a year, but he still had feelings for Kat,” The Sun quoted a source as saying.

Ivanova and Wood, 63, have had a troubled relationship and she described him as "an evil goblin king" when they split.

However, the couple who have been in and out of rehab seven times, had a secret reconciliation last week.

"Ronnie`s family is worried it will lead him back to wild behaviour," the source added.