Rosamund Pike unsure about marriage

London: ‘Made In Dagenham’ actress Rosamund Pike is unsure if she will ever marry after her engagement to director Joe Wright was broken off one month before their wedding in 2008.

"When you`re about to get married, and then you`re not, it`s all a big shock. You think, well, OK, so I`m never going to lead a totally conventional life now. It sort of cleans the slate and now I can be exactly who I am. Everyone gives you leeway too, because they can see that you`ve had something pretty painful go on.

"And in that, I find a tremendous freedom. I know I can be married or not married, live with someone or apart. Even my grandmother is no longer expecting me to go down a conventional route, which is nice," quoted the 32-year-old as saying.


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