Russell Brand likes to keep kissing scenes real

London: Actor Russell Brand has revealed how he kissed girls and liked it—because he never pretended during acting scenes.

The comedian turned movie star even described how he made the most of his "free opportunity to start kissing people".

“Say in the kissing scenes, this is really good, check this out in case you ever have to do it,” the Scotsman quoted him as saying in a radio interview.

“You`re in a film and like in this scene you kiss a girl, something brilliant in my mind, and I`m thankful for this neurological impulse, goes `they won`t know if you just kiss her normal and it`s not even acting at all... Just kiss her and that and get off with her`. I did that and it`s good,” he added.

Brand’s fiancee Katy Perry sprang to fame with the hit ‘I Kissed A Girl’.



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