Russell Brand will be `perfect baby daddy`: Katy Perry

London: Katy Perry believes fiancé Russell Brand will be a "perfect baby daddy."

"We are excited to get married, of course. And I think, in marriage, when you`re picking a partner, one of the things to keep in mind is `Will he be a good baby daddy?` And he`ll be perfect," The Mirror quoted her, as saying on an interview on YouTube.

Katy, known for her bright coloured wigs and sexy outfits, also revealed she plans to keep things a bit demure for her big day.

She said: "I`m kind of a nail aficionado and freak ... I think for my wedding I`ll do what is called `wedding nails,` where it`s traditional and pretty.

"I don`t know if I`d want, like, Oompa Loompas on my nails while taking my pictures."


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