Sarah Palin slams rumours her husband cheated on her

London: Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has slammed reports her husband cheated on her with a massage therapist.

The former vice presidential candidate was speaking on an Alaskan morning radio show when she dismissed the claims made in the National Enquirer earlier this month.

Speaking on ``The Bob and Mark morning show``, she called the claims ``a waste of time``.

“Look at this recent B.S. about Todd supposedly being all caught up in a prostitution ring in Anchorage,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying with a brittle laugh.

“APD (the Anchorage Police Department) had to come out and say ``bull``, there’s no evidence...

“Heck, all they needed to do was ask me or ask Todd himself. ``Hey Todd, you been hanging out with hookers in Anchorage?

“And he’d tell the truth, obviously it was a big lie.

“It’s a waste of time... things like that are hurtful because when we trace back the lies and know that they come from our home state of Alaska, that’s hurtful,” she added.


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