Screen siren Bipasha Basu dating Shahid Kapoor!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Rumour mills went abuzz soon after Bipasha Basu broke off with her long time beau John Abraham as to whom the sultry actress would date next. Contrary to speculation of Bips romancing Hollywood heartthrob Josh Harnett, it has been revealed that the actress is dating none other than Shahid Kapoor!

Yes, believe it or not, the dusky actress, who has so far only admitted to dating ‘someone new’ is going around with Shahid.

Speaking to a daily, a source said, “For over a month now, Bipasha has been talking about a very sweet guy in her life. She`s been telling friends that he`s an eligible young man and has been showering her with gifts and some much-needed attention. She`s been gushing to her friends about how ‘sweet and affectionate’ he is. Bips maintains that while they are not serious yet, he`s been wooing her persistently and she`s basking in the warmth of his adoration.”

Considering they`ve never worked together, everyone`s wondering how the two met. Apparently they were introduced by Shahid`s trainer, Abbas. Shahid is as much of a fitness junkie as Bipasha — that was a common bonding subject the first time they met.

“Obviously they are only just getting to know each other, so Bips doesn`t want to jinx it by talking openly about Shahid,” added the source.

Recently, Shahid threw a small party with only a handful of his friends in the elite list of which figured Bipasha as the special guest raising eyebrows by fellow mates.

When asked, Bipasha claims she hardly knows Shahid. His spokesperson on the other hand says, “They are friends, just as he is friends with other people in the industry. The news of them dating is untrue.”

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