Shane Warne ‘trying to win back Liz Hurley’

London: It seems cricket legend Shane Warne is trying to keep his fledgling romance with Liz Hurley alive.

The 41-year-old Australian cricketer took to his Twitter account after he was accused of two-timing the actress by sending another Australian married woman more than 100 saucy texts.

“The journey of life is about riding the ups/downs,” the Daily Mail quoted him as tweeting.

“We all are childish, immature at times. It``s about how you bounce back when things are tough.”

The star continued: “In life, everyone is happy to judge your actions then comment, sure everyone``s entitled to their opinion.

“But their opinion is not always right,” he added.

Warne and Hurley`s relationship came to light just eight days ago, prompting the model to announce the end of her marriage to Arun Nayer.