Shania had a panic attack when she met her hubby’s mistress

Last Updated: May 12, 2011, 21:18 PM IST

New York: After the split with husband Robert (Mutt) Lange in 2008 for his alleged affair with her best friend and employee, Shania Twain said she once tried confronting Marie-Anne Thiebaud but left her feeling like ‘a coward’.

When the two women ran into each other in Switzerland, where they were living, "I had a total panic attack," the New York daily quoted Twain as telling the People Magazine in an interview.

"I just told her that she was a bad person, that’s all I could get out!" she said.

"When I left her, I thought [to myself], ``You’re such a wimp, you coward!``" she laughingly said.

"That was my big moment, and I blew it!" she added.