Sheen and his two girlfriends sleep together in the same bed

London: Actor Charlie Sheen`s two live-in girlfriends have opened up about their new and very unconventional living arrangement.

Porn star Bree Olson, also known as Rachel Oberlin, and former nanny Natalie Kenly have both moved into the ‘Two And A Half Men’ star`s LA mansion in a situation Sheen describes as a “polygamy story”.

“We do whatever Charlie wants us to do,” the Daily Mail quoted Olson as telling the New York Post.

“This is the type of lifestyle I’ve always wanted, and I’m thrilled with it,” she said.

The trio refer to themselves as “the wedge” - a term taken from American football. In NFL, the phrase is used to describe two or more players aligned shoulder to shoulder within two yards of each other.

“All three of us are in a relationship, and if Charlie ever wants to go outside ‘the wedge’ and act out on his sexual desires, that’s fine with Natty and me,” the porn star said.

“We’re laid-back people. A lot of people, they try to say the way we live is harmful. But all we are is non-traditional.

“I don`t see the problem with going forth with your desires and acting out on your sexual desires so long as your partner is OK with that,” she added.

Kenly, who studied to be a kindergarten teacher but now works at a medical marijuana dispensary, adds: “Our bed is big enough for all three of us, and we take turns sleeping in the middle. [But] if someone’s really tired, there’s always a place for them to sleep in peace.”

“Rachel and I aren’t really very jealous... and anyway, when Charlie’s busy, I have someone to hang out with,” she said.

When asked about his sex life, Sheen became uncharacteristically shy, saying: “Dude, is anything sacred? No comment.”

But in a separate interview with America`s People magazine, he admitted he is rather pleased with his current set up.

“Many men would kill for this. Everybody`s needs are met; everybody is cool,” he said.


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