Shilpa-Raj clear the air on rumours surrounding their marriage!

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New York: Actress Shilpa Shetty, who is married to London-based businessman Raj Kundra has been facing a lot of rumours surrounding her marriage and personal life. The miffed actress claims that people are jealous of their jodi.

Raj and Shilpa, who are currently holidaying in New York, went out of their way to release statements in order to clear the air on rumours that have been hounding them.

Last week, a website had reported: "The twice-married NRI businessman of a hot Bollywood actress, who has been visiting a London-based hair transplant clinic to prepare for his hair graft surgery, gifted the clinic assistant a European holiday following which she never resumed work.

The actress is a well-known name in London after winning the TV reality series Big Brother, where she was reportedly subjected to racist remarks. The source of this news is apparently a doctor of a London-based hair transplant clinic where the clinic associate worked."

It was evident the actress being talked about is none other than the dusky Shilpa Shetty and her husband.

Shilpa and Raj have released their reaction and reply to the snub the gossips that have been going around their marriage.

This is what Raj had to say as reported by a daily: “It`s a false story spread by the doctor of the clinic the girl used to work in. He`s extremely miffed that his assistant left him to work for me, and so he`s been spreading rubbish. Also the doctor, his clinic and the girl are based in Dubai, not London. When I first met the doctor at his clinic, he started boasting about his powerful clients (including politicians, B-Town stars and businessmen). I found that strange as client confidentiality is very important in such things. When I asked one of his assistants to recommend someone as my Executive Assistant to accompany me on my trips, she told me she was looking for a job as she wanted to leave the clinic. I said I would offer her a full-time job after a month`s trial and took her on. She was good so I hired her. She`s been working for me for the last three months.”

And here is what Shilpa has to say: “The rumour is so ridiculous that we are not even interested in clarifying it. We are currently holidaying in the USA and all we`ve done is laugh over the rumour. But the poor assistant was so upset when the reports came out that she called us in panic, fretting about how she would face her family and friends! I think people are just envious of our happiness and the fact that we still love each as much as we did when we got married. The doctor has been planting gossip about us because his assistant left him to join Raj — something that upset him a lot. I`ve met the assistant in Dubai and she`s a very sweet girl.”

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