Simon Cowell to be targeted by gal pal`s hubby in divorce proceedings

New York: Simon Cowell, who is reportedly becoming a first-time dad with a married woman, has been targeted by his friend and her husband, Andrew Silverman in his divorce papers.

Lauren Silverman`s friends told The New York Post that she is a scheming social climber and Andrew`s brother said that it was a sad and tragic story adding that the divorce was an `unbelievable story of betrayal`.

Another friend disclosed that the Silvermans weren`t estranged, and the unsuspecting husband recently upgraded Lauren`s engagement ring with a 10-karat diamond.

As per the report, the jilted husband is seeking revenge on both, Cowell and Lauren, by filing for a faulty divorce based on adultery, naming Cowell as a co-respondent in divorce papers filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court two weeks ago.