Sir Michael Caine insists he was ‘never a philanderer’

London: Sir Michael Caine has admitted his sex life during his Swinging Sixties heyday was busy but that he was "never a philanderer" and "not a man who could go to a prostitute".

He said: "I was a sort of Alfie. We all were. We were young, rich and not bad looking and famous, who was going to turn us down?"

The 77-year-old actor led a quieter life after meeting Shakira, who would become his wife, in 1973.

"We became a team, with her the quieter, better looking half," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Sir Michael also admits he is "a rabid right-winger" when it comes to paedophiles.

"If you want to bring back hanging for them then I`m your man. I`ll pull the lever. Don`t get me started on that. I hate it. I can`t see a movie where a child gets kidnapped," he said.