Social network `huge factor` in relationships: Ira Trivedi

Kolkata: With India going through a "big social youth revolution", best selling author Ira Trivedi feels social network has a huge potential to bring couples together in the country.

"I think there is a huge drive. You don`t have physical barriers, you don`t have parents, you can be anonymous, and you can connect easily. So I think it can be a huge factor in India," said Trivedi during the Kolkata launch of her book `India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st Century` at the Oxford Bookstore.

"India`s this particular generation is very different from the previous generations. We are really going through a big social youth revolution. We are seeing many aspects of society and not just sexuality.

"We are seeing that in politics, a sort of movement is happening among young people. I think that`s interesting," she said.

In addition, the increased demand for sex toys in the country also reflects the changing Indian society - sex is not a taboo anymore.

"I think it`s a huge population and there is a lot of sex that`s going on. People are having sex and they want to experiment so they are buying sex toys," remarked Trivedi.

With more and more people starting to talk about sex, poet, novelist and academician Nabaneeta Dev Sen pointed out that "unwrapping is the beginning of love and sex" and this is just a beginning.

Trivedi stressed that despite increased awareness about sexuality, Indians are more evolved when it comes to physical relationships.

"I think there is something which is deeper, which is more evolved. I don`t think we have come to this one night stand culture yet," added Trivedi.

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