Spending time with mother-in-law makes you happier!

Islamabad: Spending time with your mother-in-law can actually make you happier, a research has revealed.

The research has revealed that people who maintain frequent contact with both a mother and mother-in-law, are likely to have higher well-being than those who are seeing more of one side of the family and less of the other, as the benefit from two sources of close maternal support, the Daily Times reported.

According to the study, if a relationship is maintained with only one mother figure "then there is an imbalance in the family, perhaps with disappointment or even resentment by the non-connected partner".

The `Australian Unity Wellbeing Index` found those who had weekly contact with their mother and mother-in-law had a wellbeing score of 78.7, well above the normal range of 73.7-76.7.