Spring season `is the classic break-up time`

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2010, 17:27 PM IST

New York: Spring may be the culprit behind high profile couples` sudden rush to the courts to formalise their spilt, according to experts.

They believe spring is the classic break-up season.

"It`s when people do their spring cleaning and it is a natural time for a breakup for anyone who has been thinking about it for awhile," the New York Daily News quoted clinical psychologist Belisa Vranich, as saying.

She added: "The idea may have come to you last fall, but you didn`t want to ruin the major holidays and leave a spouse alone in the dark, cold winter."

But in spring there are no big family holidays that will be disrupted; people feel lighter and are looking forward to something new, Vranich pointed out.

She said: "You don`t have to worry that it will freak out the family as much."

Relationship expert Mary Jo Rapini said: "We see breakups in the spring much more in couples with kids.

"They try to hold it together until the kids get out of school. The idea is that everyone`s going away for the summer; it`s vacation time and it will be easier on the kids."

Whitney Casey, author of "The Man Plan" and relationship expert for Match.com, said: "It`s the classic spring fling, summer love.

"The weather finally starts getting nicer, you are finally getting fresh air and you`re taking your socks off," she says. "If things just aren`t working after the classic winter hunker down, you may choose spring to dump someone."