Stop being too busy for sex

Are you one of those who are just too busy for sex? If you allow this to be the case, you`re on the way to ruin your relationship.

Stop being too busy for sex!

You wouldn`t believe to what an extent today’s quick pace of life affects our partnerships. Love relationships are getting increasingly worse simply due to people being too busy. Don`t delude yourself it isn`t your fault: it`s up to you to change this!

The first thing you must do to reconnect with your partner is to get rid of the TV set in your bedroom. Italian researchers have shown that couples without a television in their bedrooms have twice as much intercourse as the couples with a TV next to their bed.

Paul Rosenblatt, an American who authored Two in a Bed, advises that the time you used to spend watching television should be spent talking to your partner instead. Communication brings people closer together and leads to more sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is of course important for keeping the relationship going smoothly.

Short holidays are also recommended, even though this means driving to a hotel just a few miles from your home. Perhaps you should consider making a short trip to a place you used to love going to. It`s also advisable that you take walks together a few times a week, just the two of you (if you`re parents, get a sitter). This kind of recreation will clear your minds, get the blood flowing (this is proven to increase your lust and improve the intercourse) and you can once again start talking in a relaxed way about things you cared for at the beginning of your relationship.

At least half an hour a day should belong only to you, you as a couple. It`s very important you feel comfortable with yourself and with each other no matter what environment you are in. Try not to think about your everyday worries for a while. Your partner will appreciate that.

The time you spend with each other is the only thing that can make you stay together for a long time or that can make your relationship really work. Finding time for each other is essential to keep alive the thing that belongs only to you two and that makes your relationship important to you in the first place – your intimacy. Believe me, it will all show in your sexual activities, too.

Keep in mind that life`s short, in the long run, and that you should make the best of it every single day.