Take your marriage in your hands and make it work

Read about the most frequent causes for a failed relationship and get hold of some saving marriage tips.

Marriage tips: Don`t be too busy for your partner

A career is often to be blamed for destroying a relationship. Many people become alienated because they don`t pay enough attention to their partner. They are too busy, or allow the problems from their work to affect the time they spend together with their partner. It is important to spend as much time as possible together, and to not talk about anything else than you and your feelings at that time. Avoid talking about things for which you know that they will cause an argument, and try to listen to what your partner has to say. Even though you may think that it is too late now because you haven`t paid enough attention to your partner in the past, and you have already become too alienated, remember that time heals all wounds. You just have to persist and make compromises.

Marriage tips on financial matters

Let`s see - a neighbor bought a new car and you bought a better and newer one the following week even though there was nothing wrong with your old car. Have you ever done something of the kind? Your spending too much money can cause arguments, and your partner probably won`t like you making financial decisions on your own. Especially if your sudden investment deprives your significant other of a vacation or something similar.
Talking to each other and making decisions together are very important in a marriage. By cooperating with your partner in this way you aren`t only giving them the impression that you appreciate their opinion, but the time spent either buying a car or on vacation will be invaluable, especially if you don`t have much time to hang out otherwise.

Today it is easy to get a divorce

There used to be fewer divorces because society frowned upon them, whereas nowadays they are completely acceptable. Couples see divorce as the easiest way out and not as the last resort. Friends, family and neighbors used to advise married people to stick together in joy and sorrow, but nowadays the situation is reversed and friends are the first to advise you to separate. But you definitely have to think things through before divorcing someone. Are you doing this because of temporary anger and resentment towards your partner, or is there simply no more love left between you two? It often proves that with a little persistence and patience you can get past all the obstacles.

The effects of sexual revolution

Any cheating used to be punishable. You could even be executed for committing adultery. People are still afraid of cheating in some parts of the world, while in others, where there is no punishment, cheating has gone out of control. As a rule, nowadays we are more or less cheating without any guilt and we don`t even try to hide what we`re doing, since we strongly believe in our personal freedom and cherish the latter more than anything else. A person who doesn`t cheat may be even considered a weakling nowadays, strange as this may sound. The times have certainly changed.

Even though sexuality isn`t such a big taboo anymore, this shouldn`t be the reason to have sex all over the place, with anyone attractive enough who happens to want it too. If you`re bored in bed with your partner, you can find plenty of useful advice in our articles on how to bring the sparkles back into your sex life. Beware: there are few couples that can get past a person cheating because there`s no more trust and trust is of key importance for the success of any love relationship. Even if you manage to stay together, we doubt that your infidelity will ever be truly forgiven and forgotten.

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