Tips on how to get over the pain of a break-up!

Melbourne: With hotels offering packages that can help one beat the blues of a break-up, a psychologist has offered some tips on how one can get over the pain without spending a penny.

John Aiken, psychologist and author of Accidentally Single, has given ten tips on how one can get over a break-up, reports a news website.

The first tip is to avoid all contact with one’s ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

The second is to begin a healthy lifestyle, by keeping fit, dieting and getting a good sleep.

The third step is to understand what went wrong in the relationship, and to analyse problems of both sides.

The fourth would be to identify what one would like in their next partner.

The fifth is to be aware of any problem patterns, such as communication, style, intimacy, or work hours, one had in the relationship and to change them.

The sixth point is to move on positively and not keep bring up the past.

The seventh tip is to avoid contact with social networks and places that one used to hang out with one’s partner.

The eighth suggestion is to spend more time with friends and family.

The ninth is to pursue independent interests previously put on hold like yoga, travel, and cooking.

And tenth, one needs to get some counselling if break-up problems/issues carry on for more than three months.