Tony Parker is playing basketball to deal with split from Longoria

New York: Tony Parker has revealed that he is playing basketball to help him cope with his split from Eva Longoria.

"The most important thing is to stay strong mentally, even if these are very difficult times. I’ve taken refuge in basketball because that’s what I’ve done best since my youth,” a daily quoted him as telling the French newspaper Le Parisien.

Parker admitted that it helps to "keep things in perspective."
"I am, first of all, a basketball player. I’ve done this for so very long. For me, it’s been essential to be successful on the court,” he said.

And off the court, family and friends have helped him deal with the demise of his marriage.

"It feels good to have support from your team and your city, but the most important thing is my family," he said.
"In moments like these, your whole family becomes closer to you."