Top 5 date ideas for men!

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

New Delhi: With Valentine`s day just around the corner, everyone is looking for their love to flourish. Many are looking for their perfect first date. So here are five dating ideas that you can follow to make the woman of your dreams fall for you instantly.

But first and foremost observe the woman you are planning the date for. Don`t plan a date with outdoorsy woman to a museum, and see if a woman actually like the woods before you plan to go camping with her.

A perfect date is when the two of you can talk to each other, however, it should also give you enough time to be away from the focus so you don`t just end up talking ceaselessly.

Theatre for the art lovers: If your woman is an art lover, no better place to take her than the theatre, it gives you enough time to talk and it does not make you look too desperate to make a move. You can take her out for a glass of wine after the show to show off your fine tastes!

A local music gig: This is a great place for a first date as it is not too loud with the crowd swooning (like in a concert of a big band or artist) nor is it too quiet to let the awkward silences affect you too much.

Be the tourist guide: Take your girl for local sight seeing in and around your town. You would be surprised how many locations you and her have not visited which are gems in their own right. You could end the date with food at a small but cozy joint near your sight seeing area.

A drive and a short hike: There must be many hiking trails around the area, and setting a small picnic in the day time is a good way to start a date. Prepare something nice and easy like a sandwich and some coffee in a flask, take the small hike in the woods on a winter afternoon, and build your rapport with the girl of your dreams. (Just make sure you know her a little before this excursion lest she mistrusts you and it ends up in embarrassment)

Try a new cuisine: With so many options opening up around the city, take her out to a restaurant with a cuisine you have never tried. It could be a Japanese Sushi Bar, or a Spanish restaurant, or even a cosy old place serving local food. Try out the different dishes from a platter and it could be an adventure that only you and her share!