Top 5 tips to avoid breakup in relationships

Pic courtesy: Still from film ‘I Hate Love Storys’. Image for representation purpose only

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Mumbai: Being in a relationship or finding a partner is the most beautiful feeling one can ever experience. After all, loving relationships help you sustain in this competitive world.

You and your partner may share a perfect relationship and may want it to continue the same way forever.

Here are a few tips that will help you build a stronger relationship, a bond that no fight can ever break:

Listen more and talk less:

It is very important to be a good listener. You must allow your partner to speak his/her heart out without interruption. This will help your partner express his/her thoughts clearly.

Do not be a nagger :

Give your partner space. Being in a relationship must not make your partner feel as if he/she is held captive. Relationships are all about freedom.

Build trust:

Trust is the backbone of a relationship. Help your partner trust you more than he/she trusts himself/herself. Trust deficit can spoil a relationship. So be faithful to your partner.

Have patience :

If you are in a relationship and are eager to take a marital plunge then wait until your partner too shows similar interest in matrimony. Do not hurry. Wait for the right moment and read his/her mind on the idea of marriage.

Be confident about yourself:

Never under estimate your worth in front of your partner. Respect yourself and have confidence in yourself because if you fall short of self-belief, then your partner may under estimate your worth. He/she may no longer hold you worthy of his/her company.

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