Trouble in Katie Price, Alex Reid`s paradise?

Los Angeles: There seems to be some trouble brewing in glamour model Katie Price and her cage-fighter husband Alex Reid`s paradise.

The couple is reportedly finding it difficult to get along with one another on their honeymoon in Thailand.

The pair, who had a second wedding ceremony earlier this month, only appear to be happy when the camera crew are filming, reports

"Katie is absolutely miserable. She can hardly stand to be around Alex at the moment and would rather talk to the TV crew or be on the phone to her mum," said a source.

"Alex has always been convinced that marrying Katie was the best thing he could have ever done. But now he`s not so sure. He can`t understand why they`re constantly fighting and surrounded by people he hardly knows.

"Katie insisted the cameras be there. She was the one who agreed to a three-part series on the wedding. That meant she chose to turn the honeymoon into an hour-long TV episode. Alex did think he would at least get to spend some time alone with her when the crew weren`t around.

"He thought they might have a romantic meal together when filming was over - but she insisted that they eat with the crew. It`s as if she can`t stand spending too much time around him on their own," the source added.

Reid has allegedly been spending most of his time in a local gym, telling his friend: "Be careful what you wish for. I`m on the honeymoon from hell".