Tulisa offers ‘1000 pounds to find out if her partner is a cheat’

London: The hip hop N-DUBZ trio star Tulisa has offered to ‘pay a bird’ 1,000 pounds to find out if her partner`s a cheat.

She believes that all men are philanderers and she’s all game to take an extreme action before walking down the aisle with future partner.

"They all cheat, but most of them get away with it. I`m jealous because I know men. I think there are five per cent of men that stay faithful, but there`s another 95 per cent out there that are absolute animals,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

"Because I know that nearly all men cheat, it makes me hard to trust them and I would quite happily pay a bird to go and shag my man, record it, and if they gave me evidence I would pay them a grand," she added.

Tulisa would launch an undercover operation to make sure she`s committing her life to a trustworthy man, before exchanging marital vows.

“If I was going to get married, the first thing I`d do, would be to send out a private detective. I`ve actually got the number for a cheating detective in my phone. When I get married, I will 100 per cent do a lie detector test with him and ask if he``s cheated,” she concluded.


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