Types of Kisses

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

New Delhi: Kisses can be of different types. Often the kiss can imply different emotions. Tenderness, care, love, and just plain affection is hidden in a kiss. So here are 5 types of kisses that you may know of, but may not know what they imply.

Air Kiss: A sophisticated gesture that is used as a greeting for your friends. This one doesn`t actually require a physical contact. Just rest your cheek against your friend`s cheek, pout and make a kissing sound with your lips. It can be done on either cheek 2 or 3 times.

Cheek Kiss: Simply put, it is just a kiss against someone`s cheek. They signify friendly greetings, a flirty thank-you or cute, or way to bid adieu your boyfriend or girlfriend without too much PDA.

Angel Kiss: This is a gentle kiss on the eyelids of a person you are affectionate of. It`s a good way to wake someone up or lightly greet your beautiful grandmother. It is especially cute when it comes from parents.

Fruity Kiss: This kiss involves make-up. Just put a really dark shade of lipstick or gloss and kiss firmly on the lips of your partner or on the cheek of someone you want to tease to leave your imprint.

Love Kiss: Popularly known as the French kiss, this kiss is special because of who you share it with. It is full of passion and romance. Kiss the person with all your heart and feel the butterflies in your stomach. Use your tongue lightly and make sure you say sweet nothings into your partner`s ears between the kisses.