Vanessa Paradis fears big fat wedding with beau Johnny Depp

London: Johnny Depp`s girlfriend Vanessa Paradis admits she would not go for a grand traditional church wedding with the Hollywood superstar.

The French singer, model and actress, who became a child star at 14 with the success of her single "Joe le taxi", says the idea of a lavish public ceremony leaves her "terrified", Contactmusic reported.

"A conventional ceremony with lots of guests, a church full of flowers and huge amounts of money being spent is in no way appealing to me. I think I would find it more terrifying than anything else," .

The couple have been together since 1998 and have two children Lily-Rose, 11, and Jack, 8.

She also admitted that the couple and kids hate to spend time apart from each other and feels that constant travelling helps the family stay together.

"We can`t be apart for long. The kids like it too. I hope it will make them broad-minded and open. As long as they have everything they need - which is a lot, about 40 bags - then we have as normal a life as possible," she said.

In dire circumstances, the couple takes refuge of the modern technology and makes use of internet video calling software Skype to keep in touch, when staying apart.

However, Paradis admits she hates to say goodbye to her 47-year-old partner even though the facility of staying connected through internet is available.

"Skype is OK but I wouldn`t want to do it every day, it`s so hard to press stop. It`s bad enough hanging up a phone, but hanging up an image - I can`t do that," she added.