Vanessa Redgrave’s shock on finding hubby in bed with father revealed

Updated: May 08, 2011, 15:36 PM IST

London: The trauma of 1960’s actress, Vanessa Redgrave when she discovered her husband, Tony Richardson in bed with her own father, would be tough to describe in words, written or spoken.

Contrary to the gossip that Vanessa and Richardson’s marriage broke because of actress Jeanne Moreau, it was the shameful act of the two bisexual men that ruined Redgrave’s marriage.

Brian Desmond Hurst, director of ‘Behind The Mask’, told friends that Vanessa had come home unexpectedly one afternoon with a migraine to find Richardson in bed with her father, reports the Daily Mail.

Adding insult to injury, her father Michael Redgrave was reported to have sat up and said, “Darling, you love him. I love him. What’s the problem?”

Irrespective of whatever the truth of this, Vanessa was devastated when her marriage ended in divorce in 1966.

It also emerged that Richardson used to attend parties thrown by the gay playwright, Terence Rattigan at the Hotel Negresco.

Christopher Isherwood, a gay novelist later revealed that both Richardson and his father-in-law had attended one of Rattigan’s all-male parties.