Vanessa Williams still in touch with first love

London: Singer-actress Vanessa Williams says she is still in touch with the ex-boyfriend whose child she aborted as a teenager. The `Ugly Betty` star stunned fans, friends and even members of her own family with the baby revelation in her newly-published memoirs You Have No Idea, in which she names the ex.

But she is determined not to vilify her first love, Bruce Hanson and said that he has become a wonderful person and a father of two, reported a website.

"He was wonderful and (now) he`s a father of two, he`s been married to his wife forever. He`s a lovely guy," she said.

And to make sure he was OK with her detailing his part in her past in the book, Williams insisted on sending him a copy of everything concerning him before the tome was published.

"I sent everybody their pages before we even went to print. I said, `Listen, this is what I`m planning; if there`s any questions... And everyone got back their notes`. I wanted to be fair. It`s my story and my life and I didn`t want to drag anybody else down," she added.