What makes most women call the shots in bed wars

London: A recent survey has revealed that women generally tend to get their way in bed wars, when it comes to getting to sleep on their preferred side of the bed.

In order to get a good night’s sleep, hardly one man out of 10 insists on his preferred side, a survey revealed.

And while a quarter of couples disagree over sleeping arrangements, the woman nearly always gets her way.

Experts, while citing the reasons behind this gesture of men, have persisted that men are actually acting instinctively to “protect” their womenfolk in situations where they feel vulnerable.

Reasons for women choosing one side of the bed over the other range from wanting to avoid their sleeping partner breathing on them to wanting the man to sleep nearest to the door so he can confront any burglars.

“Men are naturally designed to want to protect their female partner and that means, more often than not, they will allow her to call the shots over ‘disputed territories’ like preference for a certain side of the bed,” the Daily Express quoted psychologist Donna Dawson, as saying.

“Women are far more likely to insist on things going their way than a man too. Men are generally happy to adapt.”

“There are lots of reasons why a woman prefers a certain side of the bed – being furthest from the door and danger; being closest to the door so she can deal with a crying baby; wanting to be nearer the window for fresher air.”

“The underlying message is women wear the trousers in the bedroom and men generally don’t put up much of a fight when it comes to bedroom-related disputes,” she added.


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