When Nicolas Cage ruined a dream date by throwing up on girl

London: Nicolas Cage had once ruined a dream Prom date after he threw up all over a potential girlfriend.

The ‘City of Angels’ star rented a tuxedo and a limousine to take the girl out for dinner and dancing.

However, the actor got so nervous that he could only stomach a candy bar and a glass of champagne—a combination that made him sick.

"I had a Three Musketeers bar and a glass of champagne and then we went out dancing and I started feeling a little sick to my stomach,” the Daily Express quoted the ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ star as recalling.

"I dropped her off at her house and somehow I got the courage up to give her a kiss and I did, and then she kissed me back and it was this incredible feeling and then I started to get really nauseous and so I said, `Excuse me,` and I turned around I just threw up all over the hall of her apartment building.

"I ran out of there and I tried to get back in the car and the driver wouldn`t let me get in... and I had to walk home, so that was my Prom night,” he added.