Whitney Houston ‘wanted to marry MJ’

Washington: Whitney Houston “really wanted to marry” Michael Jackson, according to their common friend David Gest. The music producer was a close confidant of both the late stars, and he believes Houston, who was laid to rest in New Jersey on Sunday, would have liked to have got together with the ‘Thriller’ singer, but he was “too shy” to make a move on her.

“She really loved Michael and he adored her. Michael told me they once shared a passionate kiss, and she told me she was at one time very much in love with him,” a website has quoted him as saying.

“I think she really wanted to marry him, but although he had a crush on her, he was too shy. Later, he confessed to me he should have made every move. If they had got together, I believe Whitney would not have done drugs or become a semi-recluse,” he added.