Why do attractive women don`t pay on dates?

London: Attractive women are less likely than plain Janes to offer to contribute towards the bill on a first date, a new study has found.

According to researchers at St Andrews University, attractive women are not worried about the expense - because they believe their date should pay for the pleasure of being with them, reports a news daily.

The finding comes from a study of 416 men and women who were asked to rate themselves for attractiveness, ahead of going on a series of hypothetical dates.

In each case, they were shown a picture of their ‘date’, told to imagine they had been for dinner together, and asked to decide who should pay for the meal.

They could decide to pay for the entire meal, nominate their date to pay or choose to split the bill.

The answers revealed that the good-looking women were less likely to want to contribute towards the costs. Handsome men were also reluctant to splash the cash.

The study has been published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology.


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