Why hotties catch our attention like instant magnets

Washington: When a hottie looks at you, you notice that quickly. And now, a new study has found the reason behind it.

Benedict C Jones, of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and his colleagues, Julie Main, Lisa DeBruine, and Lisa Welling of the University of Aberdeen and Anthony Little of Stirling University found that how fast we can judge whether a person of the opposite sex is looking at us depends on how masculine or feminine they look.

“Women were quickest to classify gaze direction when they were looking at hunky, masculine-looking guys. Guys were quicker when they were looking at pretty, feminine women," said Jones, based on a study the team conducted.

"There`s likely to be quite a big advantage to detecting when a particularly good potential mate`s looking at you.

"If I`m in a bar and there`s a pretty woman looking at me – if I wasn`t married – I would want to catch her eye before someone else did," he added.

According to him, this ability to perceive things about attractive people faster may have been useful to early humans.

The research is published in Psychological Science.



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