Why men cheat on gorgeous celeb babes

Updated: Aug 10, 2010, 14:17 PM IST

London: First it was Tiger Woods caught cheating on wife Elin, then Jess James on Sandra Bullock and now Peter Crouch, caught cheating on Abbey Clancy – men seem to have been bitten by the cheating bug.

But why do they do it – despite having gorgeous women as their wives or girlfriends?

"Famous people, especially footballers, are thrown into the limelight at such a young age that they can start to believe they are above the moral standards of other people,” The Sun quoted psychologist Colin Gill, as saying.

"They are used to doing what they like, when they like. This often transcends to sex. They may live in a fantasyland where normal rules do not apply,” he added.

‘Family man’ Tiger Woods seemed to think just that when he cheated on wife Elin with nightclub promoter Rachel Uchitel, before over twenty other girls came through the woodwork.

Woods even admitted, “I was wrong. I was foolish. I don`t get to play by different rules.”

Gill added that making love and sex have different meanings for many.

“Some people are turned on by danger and risk. So any individual other than their partner, who they barely know, sexually attracts them, no matter what they look like,” said Gill.

"We live in a sexualised society and a mobile society. Greater mobility - working away, conferences, holidays abroad, use of mobile phones and the internet - is the biggest change over a generation that makes it easier for individuals to commit adultery,” the psychologist added.

Just like Ronan Keating was caught when Yvonne Connolly found racy text messages sent from his cell phone to another woman.

“For celebs, this mobility is even greater. The opportunities are there and they are taken," Gill said.