Why men cheat on women

Updated: Apr 20, 2013, 16:21 PM IST

New York: Most marriages are rocked by infidelity as men often give in to their insatiable sexual appetite.

Number one reason men look outside of their relationships for sex is because they`re not getting enough of it at home.

Other reasons for infidelity include a need for thrill or excitement, feeling bored by the sex they receive from their partner or feeling hesitant to share their intimate desires and fantasies with their spouse.

According to "The Normal Bar," an extensive survey of 100,000 people published this year, 71 percent of unfaithful men and 49 percent of unfaithful women said sexual boredom was the reason they cheated in their relationships, the Huffington Post reported.

Some say it`s either entitlement/ insecurity. Some feel owed, been there, some feel they will never get laid again, so they cash in.

Apparently, men can only stay attracted to the same partner for three years.

Men cheat because they forget to think with their brains.

For some women are just too sexy.

Because every man is biologically programmed to sleep with as many women as possible, some control it, others don`t.