Why Tom Parker delayed engagement?

London: Singer Tom Parker says he planned to propose girlfriend Kelsey Hardwick, but then he changed his mind due to his busy schedule.

Parker, member of The Wanted band, has been in relationship with Hardwick for three years.

"We`ve talked about it. I was going to propose last year. But I want things to settle down a bit with the band first," thesun.co.uk quoted Parker as saying.

"We`re away so much. With an engagement, you`re meant to be committing to each other. I don`t want to get engaged and then go away for six months with the world tour," he added.

The singer might have delayed the plan to pop the question, but he says it will definitely happen.

"I`m probably going to wait until next year. It can be tough doing a long-distance thing. But when you`re with someone that you want to be with, you make it work," he said.

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