Women more likely to cheat than men: Survey

London: Thought women were more loyal to their partners? Not anymore! A new survey reveals that women are far more likely to cheat than men.

One in five said they would go for another man if they fell for him, while only nine per cent men said they would remain faithful.

The survey conducted by Coffee and Company amongst 3,000 people revealed that women aged 35 to 40 were most likely to cheat. Many were childless and embark on flings in a bid to get pregnant.

But while 15 per cent of men would forgive a cheating wife or girlfriend, just 12 per cent of women would take back a partner who strayed.

Only 12 percent single men said they would try to seduce a married woman or one in a long-term relationship.

"Sometimes the need to experience motherhood overrides moral values about someone else’s marriage vows,” the Sun quoted C and C boss Lorraine Adams as saying.


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