Women wear makeup during sleep to impress partner

London: A new research has found that despite the adverse side-effects of going to bed with makeup, one in four women are still doing it.

Insecurities came out top in the reasons for sleeping with makeup, with 53 percent of the vote, followed by the fact that people want to look good for their partner and nine percent just quite simply can`t be bothered to take it off.

Of the women who slept in their makeup when with their partner, the majority, 52 percent, claimed to have been in their relationship for less than a year and 12 percent admitted that they had been in their relationship for over 10 years.

Of the women who kept makeup on when going to sleep with their partner, 95 percent admitted that they kept this a secret from their partner.

And 45 percent even admitted that they openly lied to their partner, claiming to have taken their makeup off before bed.

According to the results, the most common makeup products left on by women in Britain when going to bed with their partners are mascara, concealer, foundation, lipstick or gloss and fake eyelashes.

When asked whether or not they were concerned about the effect that sleeping in makeup would have on their skin, 49 percent of the respondents said "no".

Furthermore, just over half, 52 perecent, claimed that they would continue to sleep in their makeup when with their partner for the "foreseeable future".

As much as 59 percent felt that it negatively affected the quality of their night’s sleep, whilst 33 percent said their skin condition had worsened since doing so.

Jed MacEwan, managing director of Ergoflex UK, who conducted the research, said: "Considering the surge in awareness of the relationship between sleep and health we`ve seen over recent years, I have to admit the findings took us a little by surprise."

Of all the respondents taking part, 78 percent claimed that they felt that their partner looked just as good in the morning as they did when going to bed and 17 percent of the women taking part said the same about themselves.

"Putting the clinically proven negative impact on skin health aside, what was most interesting from our results is just how many women admitted to keeping makeup on when they slept, despite over half claiming it negatively affected the quality of their night’s sleep," said MacEwan.

“We’re all about a quality night’s sleep here, and as you`d expect, found that the `vanity` aspect trumping that of overall health, both of your skin and sleep, well, quite astounding. Chances are, men won’t notice a blind bit of difference - I can`t speak for all of us, but I`m certain the large majority just aren`t that observant early morning! To this end, we would urge all women to prioritise health over vanity. So take the makeup off and get some good quality beauty sleep, and enjoy both the mental and aesthetic effects, as there really is no substitute for a great night`s sleep!" added MacEwan


Pic Courtesy: www.beautyheaven.com.au