Young Kiwis feel ‘pay day is better than sex’

Updated: Mar 08, 2011, 20:29 PM IST

Wellington: A new survey has found that young New Zealanders prefer money to sex.

Kiwis in their 20s put getting paid ahead of sex, winning a sports event, or meeting friends, reports a website.

The Colmar Brunton survey said young women gave payday a rating of 6.3 out of a possible seven while young men gave it a rating of 5.9.

Both sexes rated sex at 5.8 and winning at sports 4.7. Meeting friends earned a nod of 5.9 from women and 5.3 from men.

People in their 20s spent much of their young lives living with their parents and educating themselves in preparation for their entry into the ‘real world’, said Spencer Willis from Colmar Brunton.

“They have to work hard to earn their degrees and even harder to find work in their chosen profession,” he said.

“So for this generation, being rewarded in the workplace, be it by being given a pay rise or simply by being complimented at work, is enjoyed more than things the baby boomers would be typically think of as being pleasurable,” he added.

``They rank getting financially rewarded for work better than sex. In fact chilling on the couch is just as good,`` said Willis.

Women enjoyed relaxing at home more than men, put their families first more often, had a stronger desire for positive affirmation and were more professionally motivated.

That suggested women were working harder to achieve a work-life balance than young men, said Willis.