Five ways to make a man go head-over-heels for you

Here’s a list of things you can do to attract the man you like.

Five ways to make a man go head-over-heels for you
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Mumbai: It’s all about the “law of attraction”. If you secretly admire a certain Mr. Handsome at your workplace or among the group of common friends, then here’s something you can do to attract him.

Remember the thumb rule – Never look desperate for him. Greet him well if you bump into him but DO NOT troll him. Men do not like girls who go after them.

Talk straight and nice things- Indulge in meaningful conversations that will compel him to connect with you voluntarily.

Dress smartly but don’t overdo – Make sure you wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Go for minimal or no makeup. Just be yourself and real.

Be confident, cheerful and develop a sense of humour – Men adore women who are confident and cheerful. If you can develop a genuinely funny sense of humour, you will be in an advantageous position.

Be knowledgeable and wise – Make him realise that girls aren’t “eye-candies”. Be aware of the current affairs, the socio-political situation and a bit about the latest news stuff. You need not get deep into all of these but at least be aware of what’s happening in the world.

If he is truly meant for you, he will come to you without your telling him that you like him. And if he doesn’t, why worry? There are so many apples in the garden.

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