Strictly for men! Ten ways to impress a woman

Trying to impress a lady is perhaps the most complicated task for men.

Strictly for men! Ten ways to impress a woman
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Mumbai: If you are among those men who are secretly in love and are eager enough to woo the lady who makes your heart skip a beat, then here are some simple formulas that will certainly come in handy.

Trying to impress a lady is perhaps the most complicated task for men. They say Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Hence it becomes extremely difficult for a man to read a woman’s heart. Moreover, you never know you may end up ruining all your chances of winning her friendship by taking ‘wrong’ steps. By ‘wrong’ we mean steps you may think are cool but they may end up annoying her forever. So it is imperative you stick to the basics so as to succeed in your mission to impress her.

Here are ten simple ways to impress here:

Dress smartly – Women admire men who know how to dress smartly and carry themselves well.

Be gentle with a dash of flamboyance – The quickest way to a woman’s heart is by being gentle and courteous. But the spark and the flamboyance shouldn’t go missing.

Look her in the eye – Never look around, here and there when the woman you wish to have in your life is talking to you. Look her in the eye. This way, you will be able to value her presence as she expresses herself to you.

Treat her as an equal but differently – Remember, men and woman are equal but different. They are naturally meant to be different physically, literally and otherwise. Hence, don’t treat her the way you would treat a male friend.

Avoid using cuss words – Most women hate the idea of using cuss words. If you have a habit of generously using expletives while chatting with your male friends, then you may land in trouble.

Communicate actively – Don’t be a passive participant during conversations. Also, do not expect her to connect with you. Keep in touch with her regularly but make sure, you don’t end up making her feel you are a desperate soul!

Be emotionally available for her –It is important for men to strike an emotional chord with women. In times of grief and agony, stand with her to make her feel she isn’t alone.

Compliment her for being who she is – Talk to her about her strengths and how she inspires you. Also, compliment her whenever you meet her. Remember, she will love if you notice little things about her- for instance, her new hairdo or dress or even her smile.

No sex talks please – Women often associate sex with emotional attachment. Do not touch the topic of sex until you win her confidence and give her the much needed time to build faith in you.

Be honest – Be humble and honest enough in admitting your capacity. Don’t tell her you will grab the moon or stars for her. Tell her you will keep her happy irrespective of the circumstances. Tall and fake promises are big thumbs-down.