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Friday, July 25, 2014 


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Watching baby Everly grow up is so fun: Channing Tatum 10 Jun 2014
Nothing is confirmed: Channing Tatum on `X-Men` 24 May 2014
Parenting brings Channing Tatum, wife closer 09 Mar 2014
Excited that my baby got her first tooth: Channing Tatum 18 Nov 2013
`The Simpsons` to feature Channing Tatum, Paul Rudd 12 Oct 2013
Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants to team up with Channing Tatum 26 Sep 2013
Would love to play Gambit in `X-Men` movie: Channing Tatum 15 Sep 2013
Had crying fits watching wife during delivery: Channing Tatum 29 Jun 2013
I never planned to become an actor: Channing Tatum 28 Jun 2013
Was close to playing Genghis Khan in 2007: Channing Tatum 27 Jun 2013
I worry for Justin Bieber, says Channing Tatum 06 Jun 2013
Actors are like normal human being, says Channing Tatum 01 Jun 2013
Church workers asked not to distract Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum 28 Apr 2013
Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum in `Jupiter Ascending` 17 Apr 2013
Rebel Wilson, Channing Tatum plan action film? 07 Apr 2013
I would have sex with George Clooney, says Channing Tatum 28 Mar 2013
Fatherhood is intense, says Channing Tatum 03 Feb 2013
Channing Tatum calls wife `animal` 29 Jan 2013
Ryan Gosling’s kiss is better than mine, says Channing Tatum 02 Jun 2012
I have never been on a date: Channing Tatum 12 Feb 2012
Rachel McAdams shocked by Tatum’s fake penis 31 Jan 2012
When Channing Tatum accidentally burnt his penis on film set 13 Jan 2010
`GI Joe` Channing Tatum gets a honeymoon tattoo 10 Aug 2009
Carol Channing wants Johnny Depp to play her in film 23 Jul 2009
Depp`s dream role is to play actress Carol Channing 17 Jul 2009
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