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Wednesday, August 20, 2014 


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Has Elton John finally announced retirement from music? 17 Jul 2014
Sir Elton John says Jesus would have supported gay marriage 30 Jun 2014
Ed Sheeran says new album takes him "outside comfort zone" 29 May 2014
Tom Hardy wears Elton John`s old clothes 29 Apr 2014
Britney Spears flaunts boobs at Elton John`s Oscars watching party 03 Mar 2014
Pharrell Williams named son after Elton John song 09 Feb 2014
`The Lion King` becomes Broadway`s highest grossing show of 2013 31 Dec 2013
Reality TV stars should be assassinated: Elton John 27 Nov 2013
Gary Barlow refuses to share duet with Elton John 20 Nov 2013
Tom Hardy to play Elton John in biopic 27 Oct 2013
Tom Hardy to play Elton John in new biopic `Rocketman` 24 Oct 2013
Gary Barlow solo album features Elton John duet? 25 Sep 2013
Lady Gaga `avoiding` Elton John`s calls 17 Sep 2013
Lindsay Lohan inspires Elton John 15 Sep 2013
Touring is killing me: Elton John 12 Sep 2013
I wish we`d had children 20 years earlier, says Elton John 04 Sep 2013
Late fatherhood doesn`t bother Elton John 04 Sep 2013
Lucky to be alive: Elton John 10 Jul 2013
Billy Joel and Elton John end dispute at Songwriters Hall of Fame gala 16 Jun 2013
Tom Hardy to play Elton John in new biopic? 31 May 2013
Elton John calls truce with Madonna 29 Apr 2013
Search for young lad to play Elton John starts 13 Apr 2013
When Elton John wanted room for spectacles! 07 Mar 2013
Elton John raises over USD 6 million for charity 07 Mar 2013
Elton John raises over $6 mn for charity 06 Mar 2013
Elton John unveils new son Elijah for first time 28 Jan 2013
Millionaire Elton John paid just 20,000 pounds for second son 21 Jan 2013
Adele calls Elton John for parenting advice 29 Oct 2012
Madonna, Elton John kiss and make up 03 Sep 2012
Madonna forgives Elton John for `fairground stripper` comments 24 Aug 2012
Madonna`s career is over: Elton John 06 Aug 2012
Elton John and partner David Furnish `expecting second baby` 25 Jul 2012
Cure AIDS with love, says Elton John 25 Jul 2012
No one asked if I was gay, says Elton John 18 Jul 2012
Pop legend Elton John may quit music 17 Jul 2012
My friend`s death saved me, says Elton John 16 Jul 2012
I wasted big part of my life due to drugs, says Elton John 14 Jul 2012
Elton John to receive Polish solidarity medal 05 Jul 2012
Stop violence against gay community, says Elton John 02 Jul 2012
When Adele refused to talk to Elton John 05 Jun 2012
When Adele refused to talk to Elton John 05 Jun 2012
Rooney and Elton John bond over hair transplants 05 Jun 2012
Sir Elton John returns to stage after health scare 04 Jun 2012
I will not spoil our son: Elton John 04 Jun 2012
Elton John recovering well from infection 30 May 2012
`Nikita` lawsuit meritless: Elton John 28 Apr 2012
Elton, David want second child 26 Apr 2012
Musician Elton John to buy property in LA 19 Mar 2012
Madonna and Elton John battle it out in post-Oscars party war 26 Feb 2012
Elton John`s classic Jaguar up for auction 23 Feb 2012
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