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Saturday, August 02, 2014 

javed akhtar

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My father was too versatile to establish poetic identity: Javed Akhtar 15 Jun 2014
Children learning more of English, says Javed Akhtar 26 Jan 2014
Lack of political will to protest violence against women: Javed Akhtar 26 Jan 2014
Urgent need to preserve heritage: Javed Akhtar 24 Aug 2013
Urgent need to preserve heritage: Javed Akhtar 24 Aug 2013
Movies today are made for a certain class: Javed Akhtar 02 May 2013
Today`s films more real, says Javed Akhtar 27 Apr 2013
Media and cinema are insensitive towards people`s woes, says Javed Akhtar 22 Feb 2013
Amitabh Bachchan, a great example for all: Javed Akhtar 08 Feb 2013
Happy B`day Javed Akhtar: The iconic poet turns 68! 18 Jan 2013
Police must be sensitised, educated to handle crime against women: Javed Akhtar 29 Dec 2012
Respect women, says Javed Akhtar 23 Dec 2012
Ravi Shankar death: Indian music has been orphaned today, says Javed Akhtar 12 Dec 2012
`Ek ladki ko...` originally written for Madhuri: Javed Akhtar 08 Dec 2012
Shabana Azmi defends Javed Akhtar 08 Dec 2012
Not in hurry for `legend` status, quips Javed Akhtar 21 Nov 2012
As a child, I wanted to be an actor: Javed Akhtar 08 Nov 2012
Black money no longer exists in Bollywood: Javed Akhtar 08 Nov 2012
Electronic flavour rules `Talaash` soundtrack 31 Oct 2012
Yash Chopra didn`t compromise on ethics: Javed Akhtar 22 Oct 2012
Alka Yagnik, Javed Akhtar unveil literacy anthem 04 Sep 2012
Indian children disconnected from cultural roots: Javed Akhtar 11 Jul 2012
Why should Aamir apologise, asks Javed Akhtar 03 Jun 2012
Lata Mangeshkar joins Javed Akhtar`s fight for copyright 21 May 2012
SRK`s punishment too harsh: Javed Akhtar 20 May 2012
I don`t think I`ll write for TV show: Javed Akhtar 17 May 2012
Indian film industry has withstood Hollywood storm: Javed Akhtar 25 Apr 2012
Remakes should be better than the original: Javed Akhtar 03 Apr 2012
Poetry is losing its value: Javed Akhtar 26 Feb 2012
Shabana, Dr No, is a perfectionist: Javed Akhtar 11 Dec 2011
Fans vs Javed Akhtar on ‘Kolaveri Di’ song! 03 Dec 2011
Where`s realism in today`s cinema, asks Javed Akhtar 30 Nov 2011
Nations can be divided, language cannot: Javed Akhtar 22 Jan 2011
Nations can be divided, language cannot: Javed Akhtar 21 Jan 2011
Shabana recovering, will be discharged soon: Javed Akhtar 05 Jul 2010
Listen to young talent to remain contemporary: Javed Akhtar 05 Jul 2010
Popular lyricist and scriptwriter Javed Akhtar joins Twitter 08 Jun 2010
Noted lyricist Javed Akhtar gets death threats 15 May 2010
Aamir Khan and Javed Akhtar join hands for Commonwealth Games 09 Mar 2010
Aamir and Javed Akhtar attack each other publicly! 17 Feb 2010
Controversy over `Vande mataram` irrelevant: Javed Akhtar 04 Nov 2009
Literature is jewel of society: Javed Akhtar 31 May 2009
Book-reading disappearing in India: Javed Akhtar 21 Apr 2009
Filmfare awards have become more organised: Javed Akhtar 01 Mar 2009
India`s Oscar triumph will draw global attention to our cinema: Javed Akhtar 23 Feb 2009
Please bring efficiency: Javed Akhtar 02 Dec 2008
Lataji`s work is beyond awesome: Javed Akhtar 27 Sep 2008
Jodhaa Akbar is a contemporary film: Javed Akhtar 05 Sep 2008
Indian rock music is superficial: Javed Akhtar 04 Sep 2008
Lyricist Javed Akhtar pens script for brother-in-law 08 Aug 2008
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