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Friday, July 11, 2014 


50 Results Records 1
Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow to reunite for show 26 Jun 2014
Katy Perry willing to write song for Hilary Clinton 21 Jun 2014
Katy Perry launches own music label 19 Jun 2014
Katy Perry launches own record label 18 Jun 2014
Robert Pattinson finds Katy Perry `hot`! 16 Jun 2014
Katy Perry spills the beans on John Mayer split 06 Jun 2014
Katy Perry says she would never have `one night stand` 06 Jun 2014
John Mayer hopes ex-girlfriends` songs about him become hits 04 Jun 2014
Why shy away from sheer? 03 Jun 2014
Katy Perry controls anxiety with medicines 31 May 2014
`It took lot of therapy to get over Russell Brand`, says Katy Perry 30 May 2014
Katy Perry takes selfie with Adele 30 May 2014
India exciting market for foreign brands: London-based designer 17 May 2014
Gaga tweet jabs at Katy Perry? 10 May 2014
Lady Gaga pokes fun at Katy Perry 09 May 2014
Kirk Hammett, Katy Perry to feature in a song 07 May 2014
Katy Perry pushing Selena Gomez to make new music? 04 May 2014
Katy Perry and Rihanna become BFFs again 29 Apr 2014
Katy Perry likes growing her own fruits, vegetables 28 Apr 2014
Selena Gomez hires Katy Perry`s manager 27 Apr 2014
I am single: Katy Perry 27 Apr 2014
Robert Pattinson not dating Katy Perry`s friend 24 Apr 2014
`Friends` reunion is not going to happen: Courteney Cox 23 Apr 2014
Robert Pattinson dating Katy Perry`s friend? 23 Apr 2014
Katy Perry wants to have baby? 19 Apr 2014
Katy Perry trash talks about ex-beau John Mayer 18 Apr 2014
Katy Perry and Diplo got close at Coachella Music Festival? 18 Apr 2014
Katy Perry should date Robert Pattinson: Friends 16 Apr 2014
Selfing is a disease: Katy Perry 15 Apr 2014
Katy Perry ignores John Mayer 13 Apr 2014
Katy Perry shows new artwork for her single 05 Apr 2014
Katy Perry undergoing hypnotherapy to get over John Mayer 03 Apr 2014
Russell Brand engaged to Jemima Khan? 24 Mar 2014
Trying to get into shape? Try Perry`s `Divergent` workout 24 Mar 2014
Lorde turns down Katy Perry`s offer 15 Mar 2014
Miley Cyrus slams Katy Perry on Twitter 07 Mar 2014
Katy Perry wants to spank Miley Cyrus over kissing episode 07 Mar 2014
Katy Perry entertains with poor pronunciation 06 Mar 2014
Katy Perry is extremely driven: John Mayer 06 Mar 2014
Justin Bieber Twitter following hits 50 million 09 Mar 2014
John Mayer hits club after split from Katy Perry 02 Mar 2014
`Midwife` Katy Perry `delivers baby` in living room 28 Feb 2014
Katy Perry says Russell Brand wanted kids ` to control her` 28 Feb 2014
Katy Perry`s `Dark Horse` video edited 28 Feb 2014
Katy Perry and John Mayer call it quits `amicably` 27 Feb 2014
Katy Perry under fire for new video 26 Feb 2014
Katy Perry and John Mayer may get hitched in June 26 Feb 2014
Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus share kiss during concert 24 Feb 2014
Katy Perry, Rita Ora join Milan Fashion Week 22 Feb 2014
Katy Perry, John Mayer engaged? 17 Feb 2014
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