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Thursday, August 21, 2014 

sex life

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Most Britons not satisfied with sex life 13 Aug 2014
High-earning bosses losing on sex life: Survey 09 May 2014
We had good sex life: Tori Spelling 25 Apr 2014
Speak up to improve your sex life 01 Apr 2014
Painful joints impact sex life: Survey 19 Feb 2014
Back pain affects sex life: survey 20 Nov 2013
Tracy Morgan says that he has plenty of action in bedroom 29 Sep 2013
Cash Warren says he likes to be `between wife Jessica Alba`s legs` 07 Jul 2013
Laughter can boost sex life 21 Jun 2013
Michael Jackson`s kids to face brutal court grilling on his sex life 08 Apr 2013
Wife`s salary can influence sex life, says study 09 Feb 2013
Exercise did wonders for my sex life, says Gwyneth Paltrow 12 Dec 2012
IT`S OFFICIAL! Women turn old at 28! 19 Oct 2012
I have a phenomenal sex life, says Khloe Kardashian 05 Aug 2012
I have a phenomenal sex life, says Khloe Kardashian 04 Aug 2012
Tulisa says 50 Shades `hasn`t improved` sex life 25 Jul 2012
Playing Samantha Jones almost ruined my sex life, says Kim Cattrall 25 Jun 2012
Russell Brand boasts about sex life to Dalai Lama in Manchester 17 Jun 2012
Simon Cowell’s obsession with other men’s exes 22 Apr 2012
What do women talk of when it comes to sex life 28 Mar 2012
Sneak peek into Kashmera Shah’s sex life! 26 Mar 2012
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom try sex swing to ‘spice up sex life’ 09 Feb 2012
What all women do to convince men about virginity? 28 Dec 2011
Rob Lowe to spill secrets of steamy sex life in new book 13 Dec 2011
Lady Gaga learned about sex life through alter-ego 03 Dec 2011
Lady Gaga learned about sex life through alter-ego 03 Dec 2011
Hugh Jackman steams up sex life playing stockbroker for wife 02 Dec 2011
Like me, Censor doesn`t have sex life: Karan Johar 01 Dec 2011
How hair transplant can boost sex drive and energy 14 Nov 2011
Gender myths in bedroom and beyond busted! 14 Nov 2011
Peter Andre regrets giving out too many details of sex life 21 Oct 2011
Kendra Wilkinson uses massage table, kitchen island to spice up sex life! 27 Sep 2011
Now, ‘liquid viagra’ drink to give clubbers the ‘best sex ever’ 05 Sep 2011
Joan Collins still has an active sex life at 78 21 Aug 2011
Female celebrities turning into cougars seeking ‘lots of great sex’ 18 Aug 2011
Weight loss may boost sex life of obese, diabetic men 06 Aug 2011
Gardening boosts my sex life: ITV1`s Alan Titchmarsh 31 May 2011
Wanna ‘spice’ up your sex life? Add these natural enhancers in diet 28 Mar 2011
Expert tips on how you can perk up your sex life 09 Mar 2011
Ozzy says he and his wife have a rocking sex life 10 Feb 2011
A good sex life helps you live longer, reveals a study 18 Jan 2011
World’s oldest dad, 94, puts ‘3-times-a-night’ sex life on hold to raise newborn 10 Jan 2011
Mayer suggests female fan ‘to talk dirty to keep sex life alive’ 23 Dec 2010
John Travolta threatens to sue website over secret sex life claim 30 Nov 2010
How Cindy Crawford keeps her sex life with husband healthy 18 Nov 2010
Melanie Brown and hubby have a great sex life 11 Oct 2010
Women in 40s have better sex lives: Survey 04 Oct 2010
Sting discusses his martial sex life on interview 01 Oct 2010
Simon Cowell says he’s bedded up to 2,000 women 20 Sep 2010
How to bring back the "zing" in your sex life 27 Aug 2010
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